Find the Best Telescoping Fishing Rods

Telescoping fishing rods have come a long way while they used to be rather junky pieces suitable for nothing much larger than a bluegill there’s now a stream of high-quality rods on the market.

The decision to buy one of these rods is dependent on the angler. A lot of very experienced anglers in great territory might simply keep one in their car. Backpackers might take one along to supplement their provisions or just to enjoy the water during their trip. Hikers and general outdoorsmen will often place one in their pack during a camping trip or short hike, just in case.

The most important things to consider when you’re trying to choose one of the numerous offerings is the size and weight. They’re made to save space after all, and it’s still their primary purpose in an angler’s toolkit.

Apart from the weight, durability is a prime consideration. Many anglers have been left with a bad taste in their mouth for telescoping rods as a whole due to past equipment failures. This doesn’t need to be so, you can quite easily find one which is suitable for moderate freshwater fishing and even lighter saltwater applications.

Apart from these two considerations, the process is much like picking any other rod. You’ll have to determine your target species and your fishing technique and see how close of a match you’ll be able to get. The options can be a bit limited in this regard, but it’s pretty rare that an angler uses a telescoping rod as their sole piece of equipment.

Paired with the right reel and solid experience, though, a telescoping rod can be a welcome addition to any fisherman’s equipment. With the right choice, you’ll soon find yourself fishing in all those overlooked spots you’ve walked or driven by and might just find a whole new favorite place to cast.

Let’s take a look at three of the best telescoping fishing rods available on the market, though, and help you to make the perfect choice for your own needs.

Top 3 Best Telescoping Fishing Rods Review

Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

The price of this rod is low enough that virtually no one should even have to re-think the purchase. Eagle Claw is mostly known for their excellent line of hooks, but they also produce affordable fishing gear that’s useful for most anglers.

This rod comes in at 5’6”, which can be a bit short for the majority of anglers. It’s also made out of fiberglass, so it’s a bit heavier than some of the higher-cost options. What it is perfect for is keeping in your car, think of it as a scouting rod. Throw a cheap spinning reel on it and just check out anywhere that looks like it might provide some good angling.

While you’re not getting a rod built for kings with this low-cost telescoping rod, what you are getting is a solid piece of equipment that can make checking on the places you drive by regularly a reality.

It also features a comfortable grip, and it’s heavy-duty enough to be suitable for most freshwater applications. If you’re just looking for something to take along on your daily adventures without noticing a significant decrease in your bank account, this offering from Eagle Claw is absolutely perfect for you.

Shakespeare Telescoping Spinning Rod

Shakespeare Telescoping Spinning Rod

This line of collapsible rods from Shakespeare is both a bargain and one of the best telescoping rods you’ll be able to find, period. They’re made of high-quality materials and remain light and small enough to make them ideal for a backpacking trip or even just day-hikes.

Shakespeare is known for the quality of their freshwater equipment, and these rods are no joke. They’ll be able to take all but the most demanding freshwater fish with a surprising amount of ease.

These rods are made for spinning reels, which is ideal for backpackers. Spinning reels tend to be a lot lighter than their cousin, and these rods are obviously made for use on the go. They collapse to a length of a bit more than a foot as well. This considerable amount of collapsing makes them even more ideal for the fisherman on a trek since they won’t take up too much room in your pack.

The quality build and low cost of these Shakespeare rods really does make them highly recommended. If you’re looking for a telescoping rod that can support a spinning reel, you’ll absolutely fall in love with the Shakespeare Travel Mate series of rods, pick the one that’s ideal for your usage and you’ll be able to fish anywhere, anytime.

Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod 

Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod

If you’re looking to make the investment into something quite a bit higher in quality than you’ll be able to find, this is the option for you. Best of all, if light marine angling is your goal this rod will be able to do it with minimal risk of corrosion.

These come in a variety of sizes as well, making the whole experience a bit more customizable. The larger options really aren’t suitable for backpackers, though, since they would take up too much space in the pack.

The rod blank is made of carbon fiber, which is awesome for a telescoping pole. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a great amount of strength and durability along with the convenience of the rod collapsing for storage and easy carry.

The only real problem with this option is the price. They’re a bit more expensive than most telescoping poles, but the difference in quality makes the purchase easily worth the still negligible cost of entry.

With a bit of careful selection, this rod makes the best option for a wide variety of anglers. Keep one of the longer variations in your car or one of the smaller ones in your pack, and soon you’ll be able to fish just about anywhere at your leisure.


The best one here is, without a doubt, the Goture telescoping rod. It’s a bit more expensive but it pushes the boundaries of what an angler can expect from the normally low-quality telescoping rods. The carbon fiber construction and great engineering just make it exceptional.

If you’re not willing to spend the money, though, the Eagle Claw and Shakespeare telescoping rods are also both high quality. The choice between these two great options depends mostly on if you plan to backpack with the rod. If you’re planning on carrying it with you over a long distance, the Shakespeare rod is absolutely the winner here. The Eagle Claw rod will definitely make for an impressive addition to your vehicle, though.


You don’t need to be confused by the bewildering array of telescoping fishing rods which are available to the consumer. These three options represent some of the best telescoping rods on the market, and you can rest assured that each is a quality rod that should last for some time. As long as you’re not expecting miracles, you might just find that the convenience and low cost of these fabulous rods can be a great investment in your fishing future.